Lawrence and my paths had crossed numerous times. In fact, the city we live in is so small I had heard his name and story a million times growing up before I actually saw him in person or spoke to him. I was 2 months pregnant when I was trying to make ends meet. I knew I’d be strapped for money once my baby girl came so I needed work. I took any work I could and ended up working in a fruit warehouse where I packaged cherries. Lots of hours means lots of money. I stood on my feet from 4am until 6pm every day but Sunday. After cherry season (3 months), I was 5 months pregnant and sick of standing on my feet for 12 hours a day. I decided to get a job at an Italian restaurant called Zesta Cucina. I applied and had my interview. At my interview I was extremely nervous. Not because of the usual interview jitters but because I was 5 months pregnant. Three individuals interviewed me at the same time. I was barely showing and wanted to keep it quiet in case they wouldn’t be willing to hire someone they knew wouldn’t be there to work in 4 months once my baby arrived. They asked me if there would be any reason I couldn’t work a normal schedule like summer vacations and such. I couldn’t lie so I told them I was 5 months pregnant. Their jaws dropped. I thought for sure I had missed my chance but to my surprise I got a call the next day and they said I got the job! I was ecstatic. Little did I know that phone call would lead me to find my best friend, husband, and love of my life. I was a hostess and stood at the front desk greeting and seating guests. Every now and then I would take to-go orders. Lawrence was a bartender and he worked directly across from me in the bar. My coworker and I would joke and giggle about how nice of a butt he had and how tight his pants were. Never once did I ever think he would ever be interested in me. Literally the thought of he and I together never crossed my mind. He constantly had females coming into the bar just to have him serve them drinks. Psh ridiculous. I mean he’s not that cute. Lawrence took a to-go order but it was my job to pack it all up and get it ready to go. The guest tipped $20 which is a crazy amount because as a hostess we hardly ever got tipped for to-go orders. I ran the $20 up to the bar to Lawrence, (the first time I ever spoke to him) and said “Hey the person who you did a to-go order for left this tip for you”. He said “keep it’. I was shocked and insisted he take it. After multiple attempts, he wouldn’t budge. He said “Keep it for your baby.” It was such a nice gesture and I really appreciated it. I actually went to the bathroom and cried. Stupid pregnancy hormones. Twenty bucks was huge for me.

After I delivered my baby, I took 3 months to recover and be with her. I returned to work at Zesta Cucina and was happy to be back. Aurora’s biological father and I separated and a month or so passed. One of my coworkers asked if I was looking to date and honestly it caught me off guard. I was still breastfeeding and focusing on myself and my baby I hadn’t even thought about it. She said someone we worked with wanted my number and I said sure. That loser who had another female do his dirty work was Lawrence. He texted me and asked if I would want to go on a date. I replied nervously “you know I have a little girl right?” And he replied “Hahah yes why?”. We went on our first date at a sushi restaurant on Aug. 1st, 2015. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We texted all day and went on dates whenever we got the chance (and I got a babysitter). We went on a hike to Boulder Cave for our second date and had a blast.

2nd date. Boulder Cave 2015.

Fast forward about 6 months, Lawrence was AMAZING with my daughter. Better than I could have ever imagined. He didn’t care that I had a daughter that cried in the middle of the night sometimes or that I had to breastfeed every now and then. He didn’t care about how much of my attention went to my daughter and not him. He understood it all so well. His patience and love was unconditional. I struggled to pay my rent by myself on top of my medical bills from delivering my daughter. One day I called to pay more off of the bills and they said someone had paid one of them off in full. Lawrence had done that for me and my daughter. It wasn’t even about the money but about how devoted and invested he proved to be to my daughter and I. We felt his love every day and we never question it. Fast forward again, he moved in and the rest is history. We bought our own business and are raising my little girl together as a team.

My daughter loving on Lawrence. 2015.

We fell in love, got engaged Feb. 19th, 2017, and got married June 23rd, 2018. Now are expecting our own little baby in March 2019. My happily ever after.

2 Replies to “Our Story”

  1. I don’t know how I came across your blog but your story is amazing !! This made me cry such a beautiful story ❤️ I can’t wait to read more!


  2. Congratulations Gracie 💛💛💛💛 I am so happy for you and your family! Sending love and well wishes! By the way your love story is adorable! Congrats again beautiful! Aurora is going to be such a fun older sister!


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